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When Titanic was moments away from being struck, the men up in the crows nest / lookout post famously dais "ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD" and most people think that by "iceberg" he means "iceberg"

But he didn't

Ladies and Gentlemen I am about to reveal the biggest cover up in human history. 

Iceberg was not a reference to iceberg, the massive blocks of ice that float in the sea. Instead, the word "Iceberg" was actually a code for "Grebeci", which is iceberg spelled backward. Grebeci, or as it is more commonly spelled "Grebecki" was the entity that sunk the Titanic. 

But what exactly is a Grebecki?

Grebecki is a historical family of Poland who has their own coat of arms, and their history dates back to well before the sinking of the Titanic.

Here is their coat of arms, in the form of a coffee mug on sale at for $30.00

The Grebecki family is from Poland, but in 1912, when the Titanic sailed, Poland wasn't a country yet, it was actually ruled by GERMANY, as seen in the map below

Allow me to bring you up to speed. The Titanic didn't sink from hitting an Iceberg, it was a plot by the then German Grebecki family. But why would the Grebecki's sink the Titanic, and how could they?


Prior to WWI the Germans hated the British, and the Germans have their own history of sinking civilian ships that were carrying British passengers (see the Lusitania), so it makes perfect sense to conclude that the Germans have a motive to attack Great Britain even before War had broken out.

A German submarine sunk the Lusitania, it also sunk the Titanic, because German submarine Technology was in existence in 1912 when the Titanic sank.


The cover-up

There were many reasons to see this as an accident, but there are just as many reasons to show this was all a cover up. 

Reason #1, the Iceberg was never caught

This was Tupac Shakur all over again. An iceberg kills 1400 white people and was never found or arrested by the government? I call bullsh*t. Had an iceberg actually done the crime then it would have been found and served life in prison already, but no one was ever arrested, because there was no iceberg to begin with

Reason #2, we cannot see the hole that sunk the Titanic. 

When Titanic sank, it plunged to the bottom so fast that when it hit the bottom the fatal blow the "iceberg" inflicted on the ship was forever buried in the mud. There is therefore no evidence showing that the Titanic suffered from hitting an iceberg, and that it is very possible that the Titanic was torpedoed and that the wound cannot be seen. 


So all in all here is what happened. The anti-British sentiment in Germany in the years leading up to WWI is what led to the sinking of the Titanic. It was sunk by a German submarine whose torpedo didn't explode (it was a dud) but did enough damage to sink the ship nonetheless. The British though knew it was the Germans since Iceberg was code for a historical German family, which is what led up to the outbreak of WWI after what's his name got shot. The Germans had a history of sinking civilian ships carrying British people, they had the technology to sink the Titanic through the use of submarine warfare, and the alleged "Iceberg" that the ship hit has never been found. 

And that is what really happened. 

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